Monica O My Darling Review: Much awaited Netflix original film Monica Oh My Darling is now streaming on Netflix in Hindi and a few more dubbed versions, I just finished the film, and here goes the detailed review of the film.

The film stars Rajkummar Rao as Jayant Arkhedkar, Huma Qureshi as Monica Machado, and Radhika Apte as ACP Naidu in the main lead roles, The film also stars Sikandar Kher as Nishi and Akansha Ranjan Kapoor as Niki Adhikari. We also going to see Sukant Goel as Gaurav Mor, The film is directed by Vasan Bala, the director behind Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota. The film is around 140 minutes long and not suitable to watch with family and Kids, the film has intimate scenes, abusive dialogues, and Killings. Let’s Jump to the review.

The story of the film revolves around Nishi, Monica, and Jayant,  Nishi aka Nishikant was murdered by someone and Jayant is somehow related to this murder, While Jayant tries to save himself and get rid of it, another colleague of his, Arvind was murdered and all this is linked to a single incident, what was that and how Jayant to will get out of it, How Acp Naidu will solve the case? to know this you have to watch the full film on Netflix.

Rajkumar Rao looks somewhat like his character from LUDO, and he was good in the film, He also adds a lot of oneliners in the film which will make you laugh, there are few fight sequences in the film in which he was amazing, they look so real and authentic, Radhika Apte is losing her old charm and she needs a strong comeback, she was pretty average in the film, she tries all her way to make it look better, but still, except clips, she was average in the film.

Good Scripts can help the actors to deliver their best and the recent example in Double XL and Monica O My Darling, the common link between these two films is Huma Qureshi, I can’t she is the same in this film, She was out of the box and she is killing it in the film, this is going to be one the best of Huma Qureshi till date, She looks great, her dialogue delivery was intense. Sukant Goel, Sikander Kher, and Akansha Ranjan were decent in their small yet impactful roles.

Monica Oh My Darling

Coming to the story of the film, The film is beautifully written and it will give you the vibe of Old Classics, The story is slightly predictable after the Interval, There are a few sequences which look dull and were not needed at all, The Music of the film is Top Notch and again it will give the feel of LUDO, the music transforms with the story and it looks like you are listening to a musical story, The BGM was decent, the locations were brilliant.

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Rating: 3/5

I am going with 3 Out of 5 stars for the film, If you are looking for something fresh and classic, you can go for this Vasan Bala thriller, If you have already watched it, please let us know your review of the film in the comments.



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