Mariam in Viking Valhalla Season 2 – Is She Dead Or Alive?: The new season of Vikings: Valhalla is now available to watch on Netflix, and in my opinion, it is a better season than season 1. Additionally, the character development in season 2 is perfect and feels good to watch, whereas this series is a sequel to the popular history series and is set around 100 years into the Viking era.

In this article, I am going to tell you everything about Mariam, because I like her the most. She was introduced in season 2 and played an important role in the season, but sadly died at the end of this season, which feels emotional and is covered in this article.

In Episode 2, we see Leif meet Mariam in Novgorod, where Harald wants to meet his own uncle for assistance, which he refuses and tells him about the meaning of life, and then he plans to go to Constantinople to gather an army to take his kingdom.

Scene shift, where we see that Leif still believes Liv is alive, which causes him to smoke weed; after that, he follows Liv as if in a dream, but we see that he is still moving, and he enters at the top of the roof in the cold, where he is saved by Marium.Then, we see that he is grateful to her for saving his life in that cold weather.

Where we find that she is a Muslim scholar and astronomer, she can also write books and is from Constantinople, we also find that she is not well and suffering from a terminal illness and can be saved only if she can reach Constantinople and be treated quickly.

Following that, we see Leif discover that she is an expert in measuring things, as she has a compass that shows different things, and he is eager to learn from her so that he can travel without assistance. And we see that he learns everything from her.

On the other side, we see that Leif finds himself in love with Mariam, and he promises her to cure her illness and take her with him and Harald to Constantinople, but during the travel, they have to face many troubles, which makes their journey more difficult.

In the end, when they are very close to Constantinople, she tells everyone that she will not survive, and it is the last time anyone sees her; in the end, she and Leif are together, and she died as a result of her illness.

This is all about Mariam; I hope you have all the details. Let me know how much you enjoy this show in the comments section.



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