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Yaroslav in Vikings Valhalla – Does King Yaroslav helped Harald?

Yaroslav in Vikings Valhalla: Vikings: Valhalla is a new Netflix series created by Jeb Stuart that is a sequel to the popular Vikings series. The story takes place around 100 years after the events of the first series and depicts the end of the Vikings’ era as well as their journey.

In this article, I am going to tell you everything about King Yaroslave and every detail you need to know, whereas if you want to know if this series is worth watching, then you must check out our review.

Who is Yaroslav?

In Episode 1, we see Olaf attack Harald and Freydis but is saved by Leif. Harald then plans to meet his uncle, the King of Novgorod, who swore to help him at any cost, which is why he wants to meet him to seek his help so that he can become King of Norway.

Whereas in the next episode, we see that Harald and Leif arrived in Novgorod, which is in Rus, and that Harald went directly to meet his uncle, but the guards stopped him, and to get his attention he fought in the arena, and then we see King Yaroslav recognize him and welcome him together with Leif.

Is Yaroslav helping Harald?

Following that, we see Harald telling everything about the kings of Norway, including how he is trusted by even his brother Olaf and the kings, whom he assists and promises to give to the kingdom of Norway, but everyone now refuses. When we see Harald requesting that his uncle give him an army so that he can take revenge and take the throne, his uncle refuses.

Instead of assisting, King Yaroslav instructs him to reinvent himself on him and informs him that he cannot provide him with an army because it would be dangerous for his kind, and Harald warns him not to tell anyone about him because his brother Olaf may come to inquire about him. We also see that after Uncle Avic, he intends to build an army for himself and fund it so that it will follow him.

This is all the detail about the King, Yaroslav, and his relationship with Harald, which you must read. Also, let me know in the comment box how much you like this show.



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