Lord Harekr Vikings Valhalla: Vikings: Valhalla, created by Jeb Stuart and serving as the sequel to the popular series Vikings, is back with a new season and is streaming on Netflix. The story takes place around 100 years after the events of the previous series and depicts the end of the Viking era.

In this article, I am going to tell you everything about Lord Harekr, whose character changes from place to place, where sometimes you love him and later you hate him, whereas I will explain every detail about him, including whether he died in this season or not.

Who is Lord Harekr?

The role of Lord Harekr is Played by played by Bradley James. In Episode 2, we were introduced to this character, where we see that Freydis leaves his brother and Harald to join the Jorundr in Jomsborg, as these people need her help and she is being worshipped there. Where we see Lord Harekr, who is the leader of Jomsborg, the person she follows is his son, and her wife, named Gudrid, helps her with the work in Jomsborg.

When we see Freydis being welcomed and treated with goodness, even though we already know she is pregnant, we find that everyone is happy with the help, and Harekr is happy with that at the time.

What’s happened to Lord Harekr?

In episode 4, we see that Harekr is returning from a raid, and he is not happy to find that Freydis and his son Jorundr are celebrating with the refugees, where he also finds that Jorundr loves a refugee girl. After that, he began killing refugees with arrows, with the assistance of a man, and arrested Jorundr.

Lord Harekr, what did He do to Freydis?

Following that, we see that he locked Freydis in the temple until the baby was born, and then he took the baby because he no longer needed Freydis, and then he announced that Freydis’ health was very bad after the birth of the son, and then he sent her son to kill her instead of assisting her in leaving that place.



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