Vikings Valhalla Season 2 Ending Explained: A New Season of Vikings Valhalla, a historical war drama created by Jeb Stuart and currently available on Netflix, is the sequel to the most popular Vikings series and is set 100 years after the events of Vikings, depicting the end of the Viking Age.

In the articles, I am going to explain the ending explanation of season 2, where we see what happened next in season 3, whether Harald completed his journey to Constantinople, and more, as we will see in this article.

In the previous episode, we saw Olaf and his army assembling a team to attack Jomsborg, and we saw Jorundr assisting him, knowing that his father was now king of Jomsborg and that he wanted him dead, so he planned to help Olaf destroy Jomsborg.

After that, we see that Olaf and his team reached the gates, where Freydis was already at the docks and waiting for him. We see that Freydis is trapping his men in boats as she puts chemicals into the water; she kills everyone in the boat, but she puts Svein outside the boat.

We see Olaf tell Freydis that she must be baptized in order to have eternal life. Freydis fights with Olaf, but she successfully kills him and leaves Svein, as he is the King of Norway. She returns him to Queen Aelfgifu and tells her that she needs peace, and she agrees.

On the other hand, we see that Harald finally meets Emperor Romanos of Constantinople, who is more interested in the treasure, and discovers that Elena is the treasure because she will be the queen of Constantinople. He tells Harald that he will take whatever he wants. We find that Elene is the only treasure, as she is the queen of Constantinople and a married queen.

This is the perfect Season 2 ending explanation, as more details will be revealed in the next season, and we’ll see the Harald Kingdom, which we’ll see later. Also, let me know in the comments how much you enjoy this show.



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