Ling Yi & Yuk Je Backstories: 1899 has finally arrived on Netflix and it has been making the fans all over in one word, going BONKERS! With the show not only giving us a complex storyline but also a high-tech take on reality itself, we’re in for a crazy ride.

The creators of the show have hinted numerous times that “We’re not asking the right questions”. So, in lieu of that, we thought it’s good to know the backstories of the characters so we’d be able to make sense of 1899 a bit more since there might be some reality to their backstories and not everything that we were shown is supposedly fiction.

Backstory of Ling Yi & Yuk Je

Ling Yi is the daughter of Yuk Je and has been aboard the Kerberos in place of Mei Mei, Ling Yi’s older sister after Ling Yi had mistakenly overdosed her and killed her in hopes that the medicine might just sleep for a long period of time and in that time, Ling YI can take her position in the Kerberos but after killing her, her mother Yuk Je and she throw the body of Mei Mei in the ocean and then board the Kerberos.

Little did they know that what Ling Yi had seen right from her childhood, her mother selling her body to strangers, she’d find herself in the same situation when she sees that the golden opportunity, she thought it to be, was just an illusion and now she needs to dress up as a Japanese pioran and learn Japanese to entertain the guests and she’d have to sell her body and do as Mrs. Wilson tells her to.

Later, we see her getting bonded with Olek and the two actually kiss but Olek meets his demise when he’s blown away by the sea waves during the storm while trying to save Ling Yi.



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