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Angel & Ramiro Backstory ‘1899’ -Why They Were There?

Angel & Ramiro Backstory ‘1899’: 1899 has finally arrived on Netflix and it has been making the fans all over in one word, going BONKERS! With the show not only giving us a complex storyline but also a high-tech take on reality itself, we’re in for a crazy ride.

The creators of the show have hinted numerous times that “We’re not asking the right questions”. So, in lieu of that, we thought it’s good to know the backstories of the characters so we’d be able to make sense of 1899 a bit more since there might be some reality to their backstories and not everything that we were shown is supposedly fiction.

Backstory of Angel & Ramiro

The two, at first seemed like a brother duo with Ramiro being the holy one as he’s the priest and the other one, Angel actually the more reckless one as pointed out by Mrs. Wilson long before we were introduced to them.

However, later we get to know that the two are actually a couple and have run away from their home after Ramiro had to kill a holy priest for Angel and take his identity as a priest, for which he feels a lot of remorse. Angel, on the other hand, is very reckless and even though he is with Ramiro, he finds himself attracted to Krester and it finds the scar on his face to be very appealing.

However, towards the end of the simulation, we see Angel becoming the more fearful one of what might come and Ramiro, on the other hand, is actually doing something to help, when Angel is just sitting inside his room.

Ramiro is a faithful lover to Angel and even though Angel admits that he doesn’t deserve Ramiro, in the end, Ramiro comes to look for Angel when things start to go south.

Sadly, toward the end of the simulation, Angel meets his death during the storm when the furnace collapses.


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