Kwon Yoon Jin In ‘My Happy Ending’: The recently released Korean romantic mystery drama series is creating great hype among Korean fans. Due to so much excitement, we’ve posted episode recaps on our site; do check that. We have also explained about the characters of Heo and Jae. Check that out as well. “My Happy Ending” is available on TVChosun Network in Korean language with English subtitles.

Now, we’re going to tell you about the character of Kwon Yoon Jin.

Kwon Yoon Jin is played by Korean actress So Yi Hyun. Kwon Yoon Jin got a degree in Fine Arts. She works at Jae Won in Dreve Furniture, and both are good friends. They have completed their education together. Kwon Yoon Jin is one of the good friends of Sae Won, but Jae didn’t know that Kwon will only backstab her.

Kwon is outstanding at her work. She does the work of colors at Dreve Furniture, and every color and detail she chooses, Sae Won likes that. The reunion of school was happening, but Kwon didn’t tell about that, so she comes to know from other friends. After having an argument with Seo, her husband, she immediately rushes to the reunion.

At the reunion, she drinks too much, and she started talking angrily with Kwon. She said to her about Heo and her daughter. Everyone was trying to calm her down, and Kwon also knows that she did something wrong.

At the end of Episode 2, Seo also sees Kwon with Heo and Ah Rin, and Seo had a mental breakdown. Kwon was backstabbing her while working in the same company, and even then, she’s hiding secrets from her.


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