“My Happy Ending” Episode 2 Recap, Summary and Explained

“My Happy Ending” Episode 2 Recap, Summary and Explained

“My Happy Ending” Episode 2: “My Happy Ending” is a recently streamed Korean series that is currently available in Korean language only with English subtitles due to certain limitations. This show isn’t available in India. Here goes the recap and explanation of Episode 2.

Episode 2 starts with a girl drowning in the water, but it was her dream. Her name was Jae Won, and she was admitted to the hospital. She suffered a serious accident, and her partner was taking care of her. Jae and her partner were getting flashbacks of how happy they were previously, but it looked like something is going on between them.

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In the next scene, we see an office, and the director enters the office; the director was very angry. On the other side, Jae Won is seeing some photographs. At that moment, we see Jae Won telling the reporter that a stranger came from behind and threw her into the lake. She was getting bad nightmares about that night.

She told that she has to prepare a report of her office work. Jae Won was discharged from the hospital, but she was acting weird with her partner. The next day she goes to the office; Jae Won wasn’t able to forget that night. Her friend arrives in her cabin, and she asks if everything is okay. Jae Won is getting strange flashbacks; her dad was calling her, and he dropped lunch in the office. But she throws that lunch and doesn’t even drink the soup.

Someone was capturing pictures of Jae Won secretly; she was in a meeting with the future CEO of the company. Jae Won goes back home.

She was calling someone, and Jae and her partner had an argument. She was telling him about his brother, but she stopped. Jae Won gets flashbacks again and again; she wasn’t able to work properly due to so much stress in her mind. Jae Won was hiding something. Another day, again she goes to the office; her team was briefing about the presentation, and Lee was leading that. Lee and Jae were having something in their minds, but they weren’t able to confess it.

Lee takes Jae to his place, and they both get into work, carpentry work, and Jae likes it. After all, she loves that work. Both of them were doing it happily. Jae was hiding something from her husband, Heo; she wasn’t even picking up the calls of her father.

Jae spots her father in the middle of the road, and she takes him with her in the car. Jae was busy thinking so much. Jae receives a call from her daughter’s KG, and they said Heo hasn’t arrived yet to pick her up. Heo was behaving very strange; when Jae reached there, she came to know that her daughter wasn’t in KG. She was searching for Ah Rin everywhere.

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Jae got worried; she called Heo, but he wasn’t reachable. Jae was acting crazy when she reaches home; she came to know that Ah Rin is at home safely. She asked Heo where he was; Jae and Heo had an argument. Jae leaves from home with a very sad mood. She receives a call that her friends are having a reunion; she also goes there. She was behaving strangely at the reunion. She had an argument with her friend Yoon Jin also. Jae was so drunk that night.

The next day she wakes up; she goes into her husband’s room and sees some important documents. She goes to Yoon Jin’s place and sees Heo and Ah Jin near her building, and she was getting depressed. She wasn’t able to control her car; she was about to hit someone, but she breaks her car in time, and Episode 2 ends.


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