Nam Tae Joo In ‘My Happy Ending’ : “My Happy Ending” is an ongoing Korean mystery thriller romantic drama series that is currently available with 2 episodes only in Korean language with English subtitles. We’ve posted a recap of both the episodes; do check it on our site. There are so many characters in this show, and we’re going to cover it for you line by line.

We’re going to tell you about the character of Nam Tae Jao.

The character of Nam Tae Jao is played by actor Park Ho San. He’s a very well-known Korean actor. In “My Happy Ending,” he’s playing the role of an insurance company inspector who’s investigating the case in which fake insurance was claimed.

Suddenly, one day Nam Tae Jao meets Jae Won, and he takes her mother’s name. Then, Jae Won also thought there must be some serious matter. After that, Nam Tae Jao tells her that his father, Mr. Seo, got an insurance of 500 million dollars, and he strongly believes that Jae’s father murdered her wife.

There are so many complications going on in Jae’s life after that. This also pops up, how will she be able to fight with everything all alone?

Nam Tae Jao meets Jae again in a restaurant, and whenever they meet, someone is trying to capture their pictures secretly. Only hand and camera are visible; there is no person shown. We will explain that too.

Nam Tae Jao got caught up in many bribery cases previously. Because of that, he left the job of the police, and with the help of knowns in the police, he became an insurance investigator. Now, he’s demanding Jae Won’s CEO position. That was the offer proposed by Nam Tae Jao. What do you think what’s going to happen next with Jae and Nam?

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