Seo Jae Won In “My Happy Ending” Actress Name: The recently released Korean romantic mystery drama series, which is available to stream in Korean language with English subtitles, is available on tvChosun Network. As of now, a few episodes are streaming, with more to stream soon. Korean fans are excited to know more about the characters of the show. So here, we’re going to give you a detailed explanation of the characters of “My Happy Ending.”

Now, we’re going to tell you about the characters of Seo Jae Won.

Seo Jae Won, played by Korean actress Jang Na Ra, is the CEO of the multimillion furniture company Dreve Furniture. She was very happy with her career, and she was happy that her husband cared about her a lot.

One day, Seo Jae Won came to know that her father claimed an insurance of 500 million dollars, which was taken by her mother, and she doesn’t even know about it. An inspector from the insurance company came to ask some questions from Jae Won, and the inspector was doubting her father, Mr. Seo, who was the stepfather of Jae Won. Her mother got remarried in the year 1988.

Seo also told about her success story to news interviewers. They also asked her about the most difficult thing in her life till now. She was telling them everything. She’s a great influencer, CEO, and renowned public figure.

One day, Seo was sitting in the office, and there was no one near her cabin. Someone came in a black hoodie and tried to attack her. She got saved because someone saw that guy. After that, someone attacked her again because of that; she was getting crazy flashbacks of that. Someone threw her in the lake, and that was the same guy in the black hoodie.

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Seo is getting more depressed day by day due to many things happening at the same time. She sees her husband and daughter with another woman, that too her high school friend. She trusts her husband Heo a lot, but what will she do when she comes to know about the true intentions of her trusted ones.



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