Noh Seok Min In ‘My Demon’ Actor Name: “My Demon” is an ongoing Netflix Korean Original romantic comedy fantasy thriller drama series that is doing very well on Netflix. The show is having great buzz among Korean fans; they love this show a lot because some actors are fan favorites, and they’re a part of this show. Due to that, the viewership is very high.

Now, we’re going to tell you about the character of Noh Seok Min.

Noh Seok Min is played by actor Kim Tae Hoon. Noh Seok Min is one of the most shady characters of this series. Noh Seok Min killed his own mother, Chairwoman, to get full ownership of Mirae Group. Noh Seok tried to kill Doo Hee many times.

Noh Seok is the negative character of this show. His son is also a murderer. Both of them have committed many crimes. Noh Seok hired a makeup artist who was too good at makeup; that was the mysterious guy of the show. Whatever Noh Seok says to him, he was doing that.

He hired that mysterious guy to kill Doo Hee, but every time she gets survived with the help of Jeong’s demon tattoo. But now, Jeong is losing his powers. What turn will this show take now is going to be a big surprise for audiences.

Noh Seok killed that mysterious man too so that no proofs are left that he’s trying to kill his own family. Noh Seok was blackmailing Jeong and Doo Hee also. If Doo Hee doesn’t give up on the CEO position, then Noh Seok will kill Jeong.

Because of that, Doo Hee gave up on the position, and she withdrew her name also. Noh Seok isn’t going to stop; he’s going to kill them. But Jeong is there for the protection of Doo Hee. What do you think will happen next?



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