Why The Parasyte Inside Pastor Turned Against His Own Kin?: Netflix presents a horror fantasy Korean drama called ‘Parasyte: The Grey’. The supernatural thriller show is a live adaptation of a world-famous manga series. The plot revolves around a convenience store girl, who gets attacked by an alcoholic, during the attack, a Parasyte infiltrates her body and kills the man.

A group of parasites and a special task force start to move their techniques to capture the girl, whom they believe is a dangerous threat to them. The latter part deals with the open war between the special task force and Parasyte organisation.

‘Parasyte: The Grey’ is a supernatural horror thriller series. This South Korean drama series deals with the war between the human race and parasites. The story is focused on the invasion of parasites into the human brain. A dozen parasite bubbles fell from the sky into the soil, the bubbles got spilled and parasites came out of it.

Parasites entered directly into the human brains for the sake of their existence. One of the Parasite attacked a drunken man at a musical concert, it killed hundreds of people in extreme violence. Another parasite took control of special forces Grey team leader Choi Jun Kyung’s husband’s brain.

One of the notable Parasite took control of a pastor, who’s known as the leader of their kin. It took control of the pastor’s body and manipulated other’s minds. Seol Kang Woo has two sisters one of them is controlled by the Parasite, younger sister was killed by the pastor. After getting into the pastor’s body, the Parasite killed his wife and threatened a detective to stay on his side.

The pastor created an organisation for the parasites inside the Saejin church. He announced the war against human organisations during the gatherings. He wanted many parasites to infiltrate every human organisation.

Pastor’s getting any information from other Parasites, but his weak point is Choi Jun Kyung’s husband. She kept a helmet on his head and had been tracking the pastor for many days. Pastor ordered his associates to eliminate Jeong Su In because she isn’t showing much parasitic nature. The pastor thought that Jeong Su In was a threat to his kin and that’s why he ordered him to kill her. Pastor also ordered a detective to kill Choi Jun Kyung’s husband at the park, eventually he fulfilled his mission.

Jeong Su In leaked information about the Saejin church gathering location to the cops, but the pastor already moved everyone to a different location before the special task arrived. Parasite leader wants to infiltrate the human organisation by learning their moves. After getting into Detective Kim Chul Min’s body, Parasyte leader wants to know the weakness of human beings. Seol Kang Woo’s parasite found out that the pastor turned against his own kin for his greatest ambitions. This led to many conflicts among the parasites.

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The pastor gathered every piece of information from the grey team and changed the way of his operation. He changed his target after learning the truth of powerful organisations. Pastor wants to take control of the mayor, who’s going to be the possible president after the upcoming elections. If he succeeds on getting into the mayor’s brain, he will have the most powerful organisation within his control.

His ultimate motive is to take control of human organisation. To take such a big step, he leaked information about other parasites, the grey team killed every one of the Parasytes from a location leaked by their leader. In the end of the first season, the leader was destroyed by a joint attack of Choi Jun Kyung and the parasite inside Jeong Su In.

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