Parasyte The Grey Episode 3: Netflix presents a six-episodic Korean drama called ‘Parasyte: The Grey’. After back-to-back blockbuster supernatural thriller shows, Netflix once again came up with another intriguing thriller. The plot around a bunch of parasites making their presence in some places around the world.

They inject themselves into the brains of human beings and take control of their body in order to attack against humans. When a group of special forces tries to destroy the existence of parasites, they keep expanding their number of hosts everywhere.

Episode 3 begins with a flashback of Choi Jun Kyung with her husband. They both went for shopping at a wholesale convenience store in their car. Choi Jun Kyung goes inside the convenience store first, her husband is waiting near his car. He sees a parasite come out of its shell, suddenly it jumps into his brain and transforms him into a host.

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Meanwhile, Choi Jun Kyung is selecting groceries from the store, she hears the screaming of people around the store. When she looked at the person who was attacking the people, it was her husband who was killing everyone in a monstrous way. She was shocked when she saw her parasite husband.

He keeps killing all the innocent people, Choi Jun Kyung goes near him to calm down, but he cuts her one ear on the spot. Choi Jun Kyung put so much hard work into stabilizing her husband. She takes a chemical liquid, throws it against her husband and locks him inside a room. Suddenly, the host starts showing disabilities because of the chemical.

Choi Jun Kyung gets emotional while looking at her husband’s condition. Back in the present, Choi Jun Kyung wakes up in the middle of the night, she has tears coming out of her eyes while thinking about her husband. The next day morning, Seol Kang Woo and Jeong Su In took a motel for their stay.

Seol Kang Woo asks the receptionist for a teeth brush, he takes it to the room and confirms it’s the normal version of Jeong Su In. They discussed about new ways to get rid of the parasites. Seol Kang Woo wants to inform the cops about the monster attacks, Jeong Su In tells him that she knows a police officer who helped her during the days her father attacked her.

After the conversation, Seol Kang Woo calls Detective Chul Min and informs them about the secret base of the parasite near the mountain. Later that day, Detective Chul Min meets Choi Jun Kyung and gives her clues about the hidden church, which is under the control of the parasite hosts.

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Choi Jun Kyung orders the special task force to gather for a massive raid into the Saejin church. Detective Chul Min also left the office with her. At the church, they meet dozens of dead bodies cut in pieces and covered in blood. The cops couldn’t find traces of any living parasite other than the dead bodies. Detective Chul Min sees the key chain he once gave to Jeong Su In at Saejin church. He deliberately hides the key chain in his pocket to protect Jeong Su In. Choi Jun Kyung slowly starts to doubt Detective Chul Min, he said that he didn’t find anything from the spot.

The next day, Detective Chul Min calls Jeong Su In for a meeting. Jeong Su In attended the call, but she couldn’t confirm anything about the meeting at first. After discussing with Seol Kang Woo, she texts Detective Chul Min to meet her at the park. Detective Chul Min suddenly stood up, took his loaded gun and went to meet Jeong Su In. Choi Jun Kyung accidentally saw Detective Chul Min rushing outside, she Called the traffic department and told them to track his car.

At the park, Jeong Su In meets Detective Chul Min along with Seol Kang Woo. Detective Chul Min asks her to show the key chain he gave her before, but she answers that she lost it somewhere. Detective Chul Min took the key chain from his pocket and showed her. Choi Jun Kyung reaches the location with her parasite husband and learns about another parasite’s presence.

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In the middle of their conversation, Choi Jun Kyung tries to shoot Jeong Su In, but she escapes with the help of Seol Kang Woo. Detective Chul Min tries his best to convince Choi Jun Kyung that Jeong Su In is not a threat, but she doesn’t stop shooting. Meanwhile, Detective Chul Min’s associate from Team Grey took a bribe from the parasite pastor before, he was ordered to kill Choi Jun Kyung’s husband.

Seol Kang Woo escapes from inside the park to steal a safe car for himself and Jeong Su In, he accidentally meets the detective stabbing Choi Jun Kyung’s husband. The cops successfully capture Jeong Su In, while taking her back to the police van, Choi Jun Kyung sees her husband has been killed by someone. She gets mad and wears the mystery helmet on Jeong Su In’s head.

Overall the third episode was really engaging. The ending of the episode was totally an unexpected twist. Seol Kang Woo’s got pretty much good importance in this episode. Let’s wait and see how Jeong Su In going to survive the hostage situation.



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