The Foolish Angel Dances With The Devil Episode 1:”The Foolish Angel Dances With The Devil” is an ongoing fantasy Japanese romantic anime series that is streaming with only 1 episode. The show is available in Japanese with English subtitles, and we are going to post an episode-by-episode recap with a weekly release of episodes.

Episode 1 starts with a guy talking about a girl whom he likes. Both stare at each other, and the intro comes.

After the intro, the school scenario comes. A new student enters the classroom, and his name is Akutsu Masatora Kun. His head is fully shaved because he lost his hair at a very young age. He talks about himself, mentioning that his life wasn’t good, but inside, he has different plans in his mind.

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The shaved head is a lie; he has full hair on his head, and he is wearing a wig. After that, he sees a girl he likes so much, and he goes crazy after seeing her. He starts admiring her and imagines her in every moment.

Her name is Lily Chan. Another guy, Hirota, tries to ask her out, but she rejects him. Hirota and Akutsu become friends. Hirota talks about himself, saying he was rejected by Lily Chan five times. He tells Akutsu to be ready.

Akutsu is thinking about how to get close to her. While going back, he meets Lily Chan on the way, and both of them are going together. While crossing the road, a vehicle comes at a very high speed, but suddenly, Akutsu saves her. Akutsu isn’t a human, and his eyes get darker when he saves her.

Akutsu is a devil. Lily asks him if he’s human or not, and though Akutsu doesn’t want to tell her, he confesses. He tells her not to tell anyone that he’s a demon. Akutsu informs her that his world in hell is in danger, and they are in a struggle fight with angels.

He asks for help from Amane Lily, and she is shocked to see that demons are real. Lily agrees to help him, but suddenly, a shocking twist comes. Amane Lily is an angel; she is a servant from heaven. Akutsu feels embarrassed.

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Amane tells Akutsu about what she was doing before meeting him; she was fighting a demon. Akutsu evolves into his demon form, and both of them start a fight in the park.

Lily gives him an offer that if he tells his hell plans to her, she will spare him. She isn’t going to erase Akutsu; she spares him. She is going to supervise and track his every activity. Basically, Akutsu is now under the supervision of Amane Lily.

Akutsu agrees to cooperate with her. She puts a pink-colored collar around his neck and locks it tightly. If he wears that collar, he won’t be able to go back to hell again. And the episode 1 ends.



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