Echo Episode 4 Recap and Explained: There are a total of 5 episodes in the Hotstar original series ‘Echo.’ All the episodes are around 35 minutes long, and the show is now streaming in Hindi, English, and some more dubbed versions along with subtitles. We are covering the episode-wise recaps of all the episodes from the show, and here is Episode 4.

The story jumps back again to 2008, where we see an ice cream vendor making fun of Maya because she can’t speak, and Fisk beats him brutally. Maya witnessed that too, and then the story jumps to the present.

Fisk installs gadgets inside Maya’s eye, and from that gadget, Maya can talk to Fisk without any hassle. Maya can also understand the language of Fisk. Fisk says that he is not angry with Maya. Fisk also says that if Maya wants to take all his wealth, he is ready to give that too. All he wants is that Maya should be along with him.

Maya starts getting old hallucinations, and Henry brings her to Chula’s house. Maya tells everything to Chula, and Chula explains that their ancestors are helping them, and she is there to help everyone.

In the last few minutes of the episode, we see that Maya is going out of the city, and it is obvious that she is not going along with Fisk. Fisk gets furious to know this. The Episode 4 ends here. Honestly speaking, I am not enjoying the show. The show looks dull and super slow. There are no engaging and thrilling moments in the show, and now all eyes are on the final episodes.

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