7th Time Loop: The Villainess enjoys a carefree life married to her worst enemy, an ongoing Japanese Fantasy Adventure Anime Series currently streaming with 1 episode in Japanese language with English subtitles. The show has received an amazing response; we will post a recap of all episodes. Do stay tuned with us.

Episode 1 starts with a king saying he wants to defend the castle. There is a sword fight going on in the castle with a lot of bloodshed. One man with a sword in his hand beats everyone, and the princess is alone, fighting with her enemy.

The man who started this war, his name is Arnold Heir, was an emperor. He steps into the castle, mastering swordsmanship. After killing all the samurais, only the princess is left, and he kills her too. The episode intro comes. After that, we can see the past of the princess. In the castle, her engagement talks were going on. The king called off the engagement due to the queen’s crimes. The queen was tense; her mother and father also abandoned her.

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She was roaming here and there in the forest area. She found a guy in the forest area, and they were going on their way. The princess offered them to buy her ring, and they offered the queen to become a merchant, and the queen happily said yes.

Something strange happened with the princess. She again sees the day when she was exiled from the kingdom. She goes to the forest area to see if the carts are coming or not, but she waited. The princess studied medicines, and she has a lot of knowledge in plants and medicines. She treated many people also. The cycle repeats again, and the queen sees the day when she was exiled from the kingdom.

She goes to Doctor Evan to learn more things. Since the last 5 years, the princess hasn’t died; she was living her life for the 7th time. She sees Emperor Arnold Heir in her kingdom. The princess introduced herself as “Rishe Imgard Weitzner.” The princess was blushing in front of him, and she jumps from the balcony in front of the emperor. He was shocked to see that nothing happened to her. Emperor Arnold said to his samurai to ready his horse; he wanted to go somewhere.

The king who broke off the engagement goes to meet the princess and said she’s a wicked woman. Rishe was happy that she’s not marrying him. Lady Rishe started insulting the king; she also said she will find her worth by herself; she doesn’t need anyone’s help.

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The emperor comes from the front side and asks the princess from where she learned her sword skills. Everyone was shocked to see that Emperor Arnold is talking to Rishe. Arnold apologizes to Rishe and gave her a marriage proposal, and episode 1 ends.



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