Is True Detective Season 4 Connected To Season 1 ?: HBO’s original presents a six-episodic psychological murder investigation series. It’s the fourth part of the ” True Detective” anthology series. Its a completely new story starring with detective Liz Danvers & her partner Evangeline Navarro.

“True Detective: Night Country” left the audience surprised. The tension it builds with supernatural power & real-world problems is fantastic. The makers are unable to build this same ambiance in Seasons 2,3. But, Night Country is just a surprise for the fans. In this article, we are gonna discuss How Season 4 is linked with the First season.

Before we start our discussion let’s know about the story of this series. The story is set in a fictional town named Ennis where some scientists died mysteriously. Two directives are on the way to solve the mystery where they found a direct connection of this case with the murder of a girl that happened six years ago .

Well, the First season isn’t directly linked with The Fourth season but there are lots of things that establish the connection. I know things are a little bit complicated for you, but let’s make it easier. The Tsalal Research Centre is the main point of this story from where the researchers vanished & letter cops discovered their dead bodies..but this Research center got its funding from ” Silver Sky Mining”.

And ” Silver Sky Mining” got its funding from an NGO that is linked with a shell company named ” NC Global Strategies”. Guess what! This ” NC Global Strategies” was owned by the ” Tuttle Family”.

Well, ” Tuttle Family ” is a crucial part in the Season. It’s a family who were deeply religious. They started the ” Yellow King Cult ” where they forced the people to sacrifice. That’s what we saw in the first season.
But, it hasn’t any further link with season 4. We just know about the funding of Tsalal Research Centre that’s all.

Okay, now the second thing that makes the audience bit hypnotized. the ” spiral symbol” which is also shown in first season, connected with the ” yellow King”. But in season 4, there are not such things. The Spiral symbol glorifies that a warning sign for the Hunters. Hunters who went for a mission in the snow mountains usually make this symbol to recognise the underground Ice Caves.

That’s the connection between Season 1 & Season 4. In clear words we can say it’s just some ester eggs created to make the viewers more excited about the series till the last.

All six episodes of “True Detective Night Country” are currently streaming now in JioCinema with Hindi English language along with subtitles.



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