Constellation Series Review: The American Sci-fi series ” Constellation” is currently streaming now in AppleTV with only Three episodes. Rest will come weekly. In this article, we are going to give a review of the first three episodes. Before we begin let’s have a quick knowledge of the story of this series.

five astronauts went to space for a project including Jo. After returning back to Earth she faces things change a lot .what she see & how do things change to know this you have to watch the series.

In the first episode, we see Paul who is working on the Data core. But unfortunately, his project got busted & the whole system of the ship went down. Paul also died in that ship. Later it was instructed to Jo that she must fix it. Because Jo is now the commanding officer. Jo stayed on the spaceship because she had to fix & collect the data. Literally, she was alone in the whole galaxy.

After a lot of trying & fixing. She is finally able to community with her team & come back to the Earth. After coming back she realised that things had totally changed. She is seeing her daughter two times in different places. It’s not clear whether it’s the same person or not.

It must be some hallucinations because she stayed a long alone in Space. Because of staying in the Space, she feels hallucinations that don’t even exist. She can’t understand the difference in the color. Don’t understand the Flavour carefully. Also sometimes she saw a vision of a door. A door coming every time when she is in danger. In the ship, it also happened to her.

We also see a present timeline. Where she took her daughter Alice into a winter country. Every time she saw two Alice there Alice felt that her mother went crazy because in the house there were only two people.
Alice is feeling helpless because the behavior of her mother isn’t natural yet.

So, there are lots of things that are a mystery. In three episodes it’s not cleared yet. We have to what more to see what gonna happen next. The acting of the lead characters is really awesome. Noomi Rapace as Jo did a phenomenal job. Other casts are good also. The main thing is the visuals of space which is spectacular.

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Let’s wait for the next week to see what gonna happen next. Three episodes of ” Constellation” is currently streaming now in AppleTV with English audio along with subtitles.



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