“Constellation” Episode 2: Apple Original presents an eight -episodic American sci-fi series ” Constellation” which is currently streaming now in the platform with only three episodes, the rest will come weekly.

In this episode, we are going to discuss the recap of episode 2. Before starting it let’s have a quick recap of the story of this series. This is a story about a female astronaut Joe, after returning back from space she is facing lots of unreal things. Let’s see what is exactly happening with her.

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Coming Back to the same snowy place. Jo took care of her daughter & tried to heal her. Her daughter suffering from too much cold so she started to comfort her. She takes her daughter in the bathtub but feels that water isn’t hot. So, she went to boil the water & noticed that her daughter in a room. So who was in the bathtub? Is she hallucinating? Or there are any types of ghosts or extraterrestrial things? Let’s find out next.

“Constellation” Episode 2 Summary

Let’s back to the past story where Jo is in the space station. She was trying to contact with TsUP but unable to make it. Sbe losing time & her blood oxygen level also decreasing. The remaining life support is only six hours and 45 minutes. NASA’s commander Henry met with Major Lysenko in Kazakhstan. They are going to start the rescue operation of Soyuz 1. They are unable to found any sign of life in the space because Jo is unable to contact with them.

Meanwhile, Jo found only one battery among the Five. It takes 90 minutes to find out each battery. After that 90 minutes of undocking procedure. Slowly, she lost her time but was unable to make haste. She has only 19% oxygen left that’s how she has to survive. In the space she became alone surviving and fighting in the darkness. Sometimes little things scared her too much. She was trying to set the time of disembarkation in this limited time. Because of loneliness, she got hallucinations of dead Paul.

She was also trying to fix the communication system by trying or contact with her family.
She was trying to solve the errors before starry disembarkation. Right now, Jo is the loneliest person in the whole universe. In the earth, time is running out & Jo is trying her best to contact Earth. Her oxygen level is very below level & after a lot of try, she finally did it. She started the Undock initiation.

Magnus in the earth trying to calculate when she gonna return. He always gives massages to his daughter. Alice expects her mom should return as soon as possible little Alice wants to know what is ” Deorbit Parameters”. Magnus replied, ” It’s the place on the edge of the Earth that you have to hit id you want to come to home”. Alice knows her mother will find out & solve the errors & back to the earth.

Jo calculated her ” Deorbit Parameters” & took the Data core out. While she was in the hatch trying to leave the ship. She got a bolt malfunction which can be fixed if two people in the ship. But she didn’t give up & tried hard to fix it. We saw a miracle shadow who fixed the issue.so, She finally did It successfully & left to head back to the earth.

In the Earth, everybody loses the hope of Jo’s return. They are mourning assuming that Jo died,But, luckily Jo connected with her people. After getting her voice back whole space station is full of joy . Meanwhile, Henry asked her if she extracted that data core or not? Jo replied that she did it. Unfortunately the research centre was unable to predict her exact location of falling. So, she left for al possible areas where she could fall.

After a lot of tragedy, Jo returned into the earth . The whole scene is phenomenal to watch. She fall down into an abandoned place like desert. After opening the Hatch first thing she saw a wolf infront of her. Luckily, rescue team was there to help her. Within just a minute after landing, Alice & her father Magnus reached there. Magnus is happy to see his wife back into the earth. Jo is happy to see her daughter Alice.

Moment of happiness after she returned. Meanwhile, Henry taken out the Data core from the ship. He is treating it like a ” baby”. It seems like he is very happy after seeing it & describing it like a ” Eureka”. But the end scene was horrible. As we saw, Alice & Jo in a helicopter. In just between few seconds,Alice was found completely alone there & Jo too. They found nobody there, just a helicopter.

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Getting back into the preset scene, where Jo is finding Alice in front of her. The whole last sequence is quite confusing. But lastly, we saw that Jo have that data core with her. She was telling to Alice, ” She’ll freeze to death,we gotta find her”. When Alice asks ” Who”, Jo replied, ” The Other You”.

Three episodes of “Constellation” are currently streaming now in Apple TV with English language along with subtitles.



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