If you guys are wondering if Eli is responsible for Yanki’s death? We see Yankie commit suicide in the first episode. Later, Noah comes to know that Yankie, in fact, sought Eli’s help in clearing his debts, but Eli didn’t help him. The major revelation about Eli takes place when prosecutor Smets shows Yankie a picture of him making dealings with Salman Karim.

Eli then reveals the real truth to Noah and Adina that Yankie didn’t make the dealings with Salman Karim for diamonds, and it was he who made all the dealings and meetings for Yankie and was partially responsible for his death by not helping him, leaving him alone in debts. Yanki is stuck in a debt trap as he lost all his money in gambling and trading, and Eli almost refuses to help Yanki.

In the last two episodes of the series, we can clearly see the guilt on Eli’s face. Eli does not want to go against the family by confessing against them; that is the reason he backs off from helping Smets, as once again, he doesn’t want to cause any kind of harm to his family. Eli can be indirectly connected to Yanki’s death, as all the dealings related to Salman Karim and the meetings were decided by Eli.

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Eli also failed to help Yanki in clearing the debts. Thus Eli is carrying the guilt of Yanki’s death.



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