What Were Kerra’s True Intentions With Noah? Viewers must be quite skeptical about Tommy’s granny Kerra since the beginning of the series. She is another cunning character in the series. What were Kerra’s true intentions with Noah?

Kerra, as we all know, is involved in the drug dealing business and helps Noah in getting big deals for Wolfson. On the other hand, Noah doesn’t want to partner with the Albanians, hence trying to cut off the three-way deal he made with Matthias and Kerra.

Kerra, after knowing this, is scared that her partnership deals might be affected because of Noah. She immediately calls Noah and tells him she would not let this go that easily. Kerra is not as cunning and dangerous as we think. She had lost her daughter and lovely Tommy wholeheartedly. Later, she also informs Noah that Matthias would get back to him for not providing the demanded stones supply.

Kerra might not have any bad intentions with Noah and Tommy, as at every point in time, she tried to help Noah and didn’t put his life at risk. But what Noah did to Kerra in return is something really bad. Kerra might come back for avenging Noah for what he has done to her.

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