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Rough Diamonds Episode 6 : Recap & Ending Explained

Rough Diamonds Episode 6: Netflix’s newly released show ‘Rough Diamonds’ is now streaming on Netflix with 8 episodes, We are covering the episode-wise recap of the show, and here goes the Recap and end of Episode 6 of the show.

Noah and Adina meet Matthias. They both want one last exchange before they part ways. The next day, Marie meets Noah and Tommy in an elevator. She tells him it’s fine if Noah doesn’t want to talk to her anymore. Kerry calls and informs Noah that the Albanians won’t let this go. Eli meets Smets and says he feels betrayed.

Smets says Eli has to act as a state witness, and in return, she would provide immunity for him and his family. Eli says he can do whatever Smets asks, but he has to stay anonymous and has to wait until his daughter’s wedding.

Rivki discloses Gila’s marriage news in front of Adina. Adina says Yehuda is a lovely man, and she has met him a few times. Noah gets a call from Tommy’s school and rushes to meet Tommy. Tommy tells Noah that a guy knew his name and called him. Kerry says Noah must bow his head in front of them and settle this matter.

Tova pressures Gila about Yehuda. She questions what’s taking her so long to say yes. Noah and Adina discuss that they don’t have any other option than selling diamonds at a massive loss. Smets calls Eli and asks to meet him and sign. Eli says he can’t be the witness and can’t turn into a traitor to his own family.

Noah talks to Tommy that it would be better if Tommy goes back to London for his own good. Tommy gets upset with Noah after hearing this. Tommy then suddenly disappears from the house. Gila comes to Noah’s apartment. Noah searches everywhere but couldn’t find Tommy. Marie calls Noah and informs him she found Tommy. Gila gets a little upset after seeing Noah, Tommy, and Marie together.

The next day, it’s the wedding day for the Wolfsons. Eli’s daughter is getting married. Eli is worried as he comes to know that police are sweeping the Diamond District. Smets comes to Wolfson’s office along with the police force. Eli informs Noah and Adina that he was the one who made deals with Salman Karim. Noah is worried nobody will supply them with stones when all this is happening.

The trio comes back to the wedding hall as they don’t want to ruin the day. Noah confronts Gila and tells her that he is returning to London. He asks Gila to come with him. She tells him that she is getting married and will be moving to New York. The episode ends with Gila and Noah separately joining the crowd and dancing around the groom and bride.



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