Ironheart In Wakanda Forever: Ironheart In Wakanda Forever: MARVEL’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is officially in the theatres and it has been a long wait for the fans and not just a normal wait, an emotionally charged wait which the film does justice to with the storyline and the performances.

The film has not just taken away a strong character from us but also given us a future superhero in return which is in making and the way the new superhero conducts herself, the audience is surely going to love because it is like a remembrance of someone who ruled over our hearts and still does.

Ironheart is the newest addition to the lore of MARVEL Superheroes and debuts in Wakanda Forever and is the main cause of the tension between Wakanda and the Talocans.

The Talocans were living peacefully until a vibranium detector was successful in detecting vibranium in the deep sea bed where the Talocans live which threatened their existence to the outer world because they had been living there secretly.

It was Riri Williams aka Ironheart who created that vibranium detector. We see her flying in two of the suits in Wakanda Forever, once when the FBI comes to catch her and the second time in her MARK-II suit when battling the Talocans.

Ironheart is being played by Dominique Thorne who is going to reprise the role in the Ironheart series that will debut in late 2023 and consist of 6 Episodes.



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