Namor In Wakanda Forever: MARVEL’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is officially in the theatres and it has been a long wait for the fans and not just a normal wait, an emotionally charged wait which the film does justice to with the storyline and the performances. The long runtime of the film takes a lot from us but at the same time has added one major character to the franchise as well who was in some comic book editions part of Avengers, X-Men, and the Illuminati as well.

Well, we’re talking about NAMOR, the antagonist of the film who surfaces after a vibranium detector finds vibranium in the ocean which threatens his Kingdom’s secrecy and their lives as well.

Who is Namor and his Kingdom of Talocan, is it something that has been adapted from the comics? Moreover, Namor converses with his people in a language, what language is that? Here’s the answer to those questions.

Name Of Actor?

Firstly, let’s start by correcting his name. The antagonist of the film played by Tenoch Huerta is Kukulcan which is the name of a Mesoamerican serpent deity meaning the Feathered Serpent. He’s being referred to as that because of the wings on his ankles that he can fly with.

He refers to himself as Namor because when he came to the surface to the first time after being born underwater to bury her mother, he witnessed people being enslaved so he killed everyone, and in that process, he was cursed by a man of faith as “a kid without love” which can be translated to “el Nino sin amor” which he shortened to “Namor”.

The Kingdom of Talocan is actually a mythical Aztec paradise which is the place where those who die from lightning or drowning rest in paradise. MCU has incorporated this Aztec lore into Wakanda Forever.

However, when you take a first glance at the underground Kingdom, it makes you remember Atlantis originally, Namor is the Prince of Atlantis but the film does not have any clue about it being Atlantean.

So, it seems that MCU has adapted the Mesoamerican and Aztec lore now and has done justice to it by giving it dignity and casting an actor that is proud of his heritage.

What Language does He speak?

Now, Namor converses with his people in a different language that is a bit different but it’s something that is known because Princess Shuri’s AI is able to get it and converse with the attackers when they attack her and Ironheart on the bridge.

Well, they converse in Yucatec Mayan which is one of the list of 69 Mayan languages which is primarily spoken on the Eastern Region of Mexico.



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