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How Many Post Credits In Wakanda Forever | Black Panther

How Many Post Credits In Wakanda Forever: MARVEL’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has not entered the arena after a long wait which is also a painful one that can be felt throughout the whole film where Wakanda is trying to mourn the loss of their King and Protector and face a new enemy.

The film is a strong addition to the whole franchise but also adds some new characters subtracting some that we didn’t want to lose. However, when the film finishes after an emotional journey, as always, we’re excited now, right? That’s when the post-credit scenes that MARVEL puts in for us. Now, how many post-credit scenes does Wakanda Forever have?

In total, just 1 will appear shortly after the first credit roll following the scene where Princess Shuri is mourning the loss of her brother and King T’Challa after arriving in Haiti to meet Nakia. The post-credit is 2-3 minutes long and it ends really soon because that’s a meaningful and emotional one as well.

However, after this, if you’re going to wait for the second credit scene, please do not. Let us be your ally in that and tell you what happens after the whole credit rolls, it just comes up with 4 words “Black Panther Will Return” and that’s it.

So, please do not stay in your seats after the first post-credit scene and wait for the second one to come.


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