Drake Viral Leaked Video: Canadian Rapper and Singer has been trending on social media platforms for the last 2 days. Earlier We thought that we would not cover this news but many of our readers on Telegram and Twitter continuously ping us regarding the news and Video. Here we are going to tell you about what happened with Drake and why he is trending on Twitter.

Drake was trending on X (Formally Called Twitter) for the last 2 days and there were memes all around. Many Twitter users were confused about what happening and upon digging dip we came across that it all happened due to a Video leak.

Someone Shared a video on Instagram and TikTok where we get to see Drake was doing something that should not be done in public and since then he is trending everywhere. People are making memes and giving reactions to his viral video.

As of now, There is no update or any clarity issued by Drake on this Incident. Many portals are claiming that Video is fake and it is someone else, however, there is no official confirmation about the Video from any side.

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Hope you have an idea about why Drake is trending, what is your take on the Video? did you see it? Please let us know in the comments.



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