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Wakanda Forever POST Credit Scene | Explained | Black Panther

Wakanda Forever POST Credit Scene: MARVEL’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is here and with a really long runtime that felt like way too much from the looks of it felt really small while watching the movie since it was very well written and executed. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever continued to give us news, not just happy with the newest addition of Ironheart to the class but also deaths as well, like we needed any more death in this franchise.

However, what felt like a ray of sunshine was in the post-credit scene where we get to know more about King T’Challa’s personal life and how his disease has him do something really important and meaningful.

In the post-credit scene of Wakanda Forever, we see Princess Shuri going to Haiti where Nakia lives and she asks Nakia to mourn her brother alone by burning his clothes, which she had been putting off because she hasn’t been able to accept his death. But then after some time, we see Nakia coming to her with a kid and she asks Shuri if they can join her too.

After they both sit beside her, Nakia informs Princess Shuri that the kid Toussaint is actually King T’Challa’s son and T’Challa already knew that he was going to die from that disease and he prepared his son for his death already and wanted both of them to not go to Wakanda for his funeral.

We see a kid Toussaint who tells Shuri that he’s heard Shuri’s good at keeping secrets and after getting an affirmation, he tells her that his Haitian name is Toussaint but his real name is T’Challa, son of King T’Challa, His son is being brought up with his Wakandan roots and that is very admirable and meaningful.



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