Wakanda Forever Review: MARVEL’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has opened itself to the audience worldwide and with it comes a proper tribute from MARVEL after the demise of the beloved actor Chadwick Boseman. With that much weight on his shoulders, Ryan Coogler wrote the script and directed it and well, it is that proper MARVEL film that we needed for a long time.

After the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, the MARVEL films released weren’t up to the standard MARVEL has created but Wakanda Forever has managed to woo the audience once again.

It starts from the events that Princess Shuri is trying to re-create the heart-shaped herb that will bring T’Challa back to his full health and that’s when T’Challa dies leaving his mother, The Queen, and the whole of Wakanda to mourn the loss and with it, attacks of foreign countries for vibranium.

In that pursuit, the Kingdom of Wakanda comes across another hidden empire that lives underwater and is guarded by their king who is called Kukulkan by his people and he calls himself Namor. He’s from the Kingdom of Talokan and also has access to vibranium but is much stronger than Wakanda.

His kingdom comes under their identity being revealed after a vibranium detector machine is successful on finding it underwater, exposing the people of Talokan Namor wants to go to war with the surface people and wants Wakanda to be an ally or if Wakanda refuses then Wakanda will be the first to be vanquished.

Here’s where Wakanda Forever triumphs


Brilliantly written story by Ryan Coogler contains the weight of a struggling nation that mourns the death of its King and protector but also is very much capable of defending itself.

It also focuses on the individual battle of people that were close to the Black Panther and the seriousness is something that we see right from the start till the end of the film.


Well, this doesn’t need to be told I guess because from a big enough studio like Walt Disney, you expect perfection but then, the recent MARVEL shows that Walt Disney has been releasing have been utterly weak in CGI so this needed to be mentioned here that the CGI is bang-on.

There’s a very fine line of distinction between the content of MARVEL & DC that MARVEL tries to bring you everything and that means putting jokes here and there that were not needed and it lacked the seriousness that DC brings but in Wakanda Forever, it felt like MARVEL took notes of what the fans are saying.

The jokes and humor didn’t feel forced and it wasn’t at all places, just where the storyline was a bit normal and not much action happening.

Runtime Does Justice

With a big runtime of 2 Hours 41 minutes, the film does not stray away from its main agenda to show what the audience had been feeling after hearing the news of the demise of Chadwick Boseman and it doesn’t leave that feeling till the end.

Final Verdict: 3.5/5

“Wakanda Forever is a proper tribute to Chadwick Boseman which roars throughout its long runtime and keeps us mesmerized throughout like we’re being pulled to it by a mermaid’s song or a merman (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever reference)”.



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