Ian In ‘One Day’ Actor Name: Netflix released fourteen episodes rom-com which tells the relationship and the conflicts that happen between Emma and Dexter. Emma is a passionate girl who is trying to make changes in society, Dexter is a lazy playboy who doesn’t care much about the future.

As years pass these persons go through different changes, job, and relationships is what the story of this drama.

Ian is an important character in this story which is played by British actor Jonny Weldon. Jonny Weldon is known for acting in House of the Dragon (2022) and The People We Hate at the Wedding (2022). For the role of Ian, a simple guy who looks innocent and calm, Jonny was the best choice. Jonny has that innocent face all the time in the series. He did his role very well showing the affection to Emma and his simplicity.

Ian meets Emma at a Tex-Mex restaurant in London. Ian went to there for a job as a newbie. Ian is a comedian too, who does standup comedies. He likes to do comedy, and he tells Emma most of th time. Emma worked at a restaurant he joined, she taught him the job there as she had experience there. He talks a lot and cracks some jokes while talking. But most of the time people do not get his jokes, and they feel irritating which makes him sad.

After starting his job at a restaurant, he likes Emma, and tries to invite her for a date. But from the start itself, he knows Emma likes Dexter. Things don’t go his way that time. Later after some time, he went on a date with Emma. They both had a nice chat and at the end, Emma said she also likes him. Later they both start living together for years. But at some point, she lost interest in Ian and she felt their relationship was not in sync.

Ian and Emma break up, and they stop meeting each other. Emma gets in affair with her headmaster from the school she works. Ian comes to home and searches her belongings and questions her affair. Ian has a possessive character, he used to demotivate Emma from her loving Dexter. Ian threatens Emma when a fight happens which tells how desperate he was.

After Emma’s death, Ian came to Dexter’s home and said sorry for his bad behavior. Ian also said the truth that Emma only loved Dexter more than anyone. Ian has a good side and a bad side. As Ian, Jonny lived in that role.

That’s all about the character of Ian. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section


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