Jang Nan Gam In ‘A Killer Paradox’ Actor Name: Netflix presents a dark psychological thriller drama called ‘A Killer Paradox’ . The show is an intense crime thriller drama with engaging elements. The plot revolves around a college student, who accidentally kills a serial killer and becomes a dark superhero who seeks justice for the deceased people.

Jang Nan Gam’s character is a very crucial role in this drama. Nan Gam is an intelligent detective who works in a crime investigation unit. He is unique and different from other cops.

The Nan game character is portrayed by Son Suk-Ku. He is a well-known South Korean actor and director, who’s known for Roundup (2022), My Liberation Diary (2022), and Nothing Serious (2021). He did an amazing performance as a cunning detective. Nan Gam’s way of investigating and solving murders is different from other cops. During his kid days, his father used to bully him every time.

Nan Gam was determined to catch violent killers at any cost. His father were also a detective on the same station years ago. His father was a corrupt police officer but Nan gam is different. He never take bribes from anyone. He is neat and clean in his profession. When he decides to catch someone, he will definitely catch him. He will go up to any extent to catch suspects.

While investigating Roh bin , he gets a suspension. To find out the truth behind serial killings, Nan Gam tried his best to provoke Roh bin but unfortunately, Roh bin had hidden cameras everywhere in his room, Nan gam’s attempt to forcefully search Roh bin’s house miserably failed.

Nan gam was adamant about catching Song Chon and Lee Tang sooner to end multiple murders. He went through so many hurdles to catch them. He risked his teammate’s life to solve the case. Nan gam’s attack on Roh Bin at his residence caused his superior’s job to extinction. His superior got fired from the department after the incident. One of his junior ended up in a blast because of Nan gam. In the finale, Nan gam killed the notorious criminal Song chon. He deliberately avoided Lee Tang from all the cases which was submitted to the higher officials.

That’s all about the character of Jang Nan Gam. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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