Sylvie In ‘One Day’ Series Actor Name: “One Day” is a Netflix original fourteen-episodic romantic drama. The story is adapted from the book ‘One Day’ by David Nicholls. Emma and Dexter meet at a college graduation party. They hook up in her room and get to know each other. Their friendship develops for years, they love and fight, and they change their life over the years. The series shows a day from each year in each episode.

Sylvie is a beautiful girl from a wealthy family. Sylvie’s character is played by Eleanor Tomlinson. Eleanor Tomlinson is well known for her acting in Jack the Giant Slayer (2013) and The White Queen (2013). Eleanor Tomlinson gave that charming look of a girl from a wealthy family as Sylvie’s character. She has good chemistry with co-stars in her romance scenes.

Sylvie is Dexter’s girlfriend. She invited him to meet her parents for their marriage. Sylvie has twin brothers at home. Her whole family behaves like how wealthy they are and looks down on others who are not up to their standards. When Dexter came to her home, her whole family mocked him about his job and wealth. Sylvie tells Dexter about her parents’s need for him to become her husband.

That day when he came to meet his parents, Sylvie got wounded at his nose by falling when they played a game with Dexter. When everyone blamed Dexter for that Sylvie said it’s okay she knows.

Sylvie gets pregnant and she gets married to Dexter while she is pregnant. At first, her life is okay, but then she starts to hate the life she is living with Dexter. Sylvie gives birth to Jasmine, and Sylvie looks after Jasmine most time when Dexter goes to work.

Sylvie doesn’t like the house she is living in, she doesn’t like the poor living conditions. Sylvie got in an affair with Callum, Dexter’s friend. Soon Dexter and Sylvie get divorced and Dexter gets depressed.

Later Sylvie starts living together with Callum. She goes on trips with him by giving Jasmine in Dexter’s hands. That relationship also ends later when she gets into quarrels with Callum. Sylvie took care of Dexter when he was depressed and destroyed by Emma’s death. He got an alcohol and drug addict and whenever he got in trouble, Sylvie looked after him. Sylvie is a good girl who loves her daughter, she takes care of her very well.

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That’s all about the character of Sylvie. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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