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Kala Paani Ending Explained – What Will Happen To Kaddu & Santosh?

Kala Paani Ending Explained Will There Be Season 2?: The Netflix original series “Kaala Paani,” comprising 7 episodes, is now available for streaming on Netflix in multiple audio options and with subtitles. Each episode has a runtime of approximately 1 hour, and the show ends with many unanswered questions.

One of the most significant questions is whether there will be a second season of the show. We will tell you the answer to the question and also provide a recap and explanation of the show’s ending.

Before delving into a detailed recap of the final two episodes of the series, let’s begin with a quick summary of the show’s beginning. Episode 1 is set in Andaman and Nicobar, where we witness various tourists arriving to attend a festival organized by a company named Atom. As the story progresses, a mysterious disease begins to spread in Andaman, leaving doctors and healthcare workers clueless.

The last few episodes of the show start with the backstory of a hundred years ago when we see that a tribe drinks contaminated water, leading to his community disowning him. Later, we see that he saves himself by eating a special leaf in the forest and bringing that leaf to the tribe. This leaf makes the other tribe safe from the disease.

Ritu discovers that Orakas have immunity to the disease inside their bodies, and peptides from their bodies can be extracted to cure other people. On the other hand, we see that Santosh is at a Gurudawara, where he finds a bottle that belongs to his daughter. Jyotsana leaves Das’s place and goes to Cheeru’s house looking for Veenu. There, Kaddu recognizes Cheeru because he is their tour guide. On the other hand, the Oraka tribal who was caught by the police agrees to give his peptide to save Swasti Saw (the Atoms Company owner). He also reveals that Atom’s Project Astavus is responsible for this disease.

Swasti’s condition worsens, and doctors start procedures to extract the peptide from the Oraka’s body. On the other hand, Cheeru realizes that he has done so much wrong in his life and that Oraka’s life is in danger because of him. As he is also a part of the Oraka tribe, he asks the doctor to take his peptide and perform the procedure on him instead of the Oraka.

On the other hand, we see that Santosh runs away by taking the hospital ambulance to meet his daughter, but he is caught midway. The police ask him to collect a dead body and then send it to the crematorium. Santosh goes to collect the bodies and is shocked to see that one of them is Parth, aka Gucchu, his son. On the other hand, Richa successfully transfers the peptide from Cheeru’s body to Swasti’s body. While Richa and Jyothsana are sitting together, Jyotsana says that she has seen the plant and that the plant is not extinct. Episode 6 ends here.

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Episode 7 of the show starts with Ketan at Atom’s office, where he exposes Mr. Wani and tells him that they bulldozed a land that used to be a graveyard for Orakas. Orakas used to cremate their deceased in that graveyard who died from LHF disease, and thus, nature developed an antibody to fight the disease in the form of that plant. However, Atom’s team destroyed the entire place just to make a helipad for their CEO.

On the other hand, we see that Wani wants Gagra to come to their office to research the drug, and they ask Ketan to bring Gagra. But Gagra wants to go and search for that plant. All of a sudden, Ketan starts helping her, and later we see that he likes her, which is why he lets her.

We also see that Santosh finally gets to meet his daughter after a lot of struggles, and he thanks Jyotsana for that. In the very next scene, Jyotsana notices that Kaddu has also been infected, and she informs Santosh (Kaddu’s father) about it. Jyotsana insists on informing the authorities to prevent others from getting infected, but Santosh tries to convince her not to. In the end, Santosh kills Jyotsana to save his daughter and easily boards the ship with his infected daughter. On the other hand, the police officers following the Orakas are killed, and season 1 ends here.

You might have some questions in your mind: What happened to the characters of the show? Ketan loses his mental balance and has gone mad. Cheeru is now part of the Orakas and starts living with them. Ritu, along with Dr. Das, goes in search of that plant to cure the disease.

The most alarming thing is that Santosh is on the ship with his infected daughter, and as a result, everyone on the ship will be infected too. We may get to see the complete story in the next season, but you’ll have to wait until the end of 2024 for that.



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