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Khufiya Movie Ending Explained – Plot and Summary | Netflix

Khufiya Movie Plot, Summary, and Ending Explained: Vishal Bhardwaj’s Spy thriller film ‘Khufiya’ is now streaming on Netflix. The film is around 2 Hours and 40 Minutes long and here is short Summary and ending of the film.

The story of the film starts in Dhaka where we get to see the character introduction of Heena and Mirza Sahib, and there is a birthday party going on. A woman named Heena (Code Name Octopus) enters the party. Mirza gets a phone call from someone, and then he kills Heena. The story now jumps to the headquarters where we get introduced to a character named KM (played by Tabu). Later on, we get to know that Heena was an agent of KM.

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The story then jumps to three years back, and we get to see how Heena was recruited. The story then jumps to the present, and there we see that KM and her team, along with Jeev, suspect that an agent named “Ravi Mohan” is their prime suspect, and he is the one who may pass the information. Upon investigation, they find out some evidence and proof against Ravi and his wife. As per the investigation, they came to know that Ravi transferred everything to Pakistan, and he was also involved in the killing of Heena.

KM gets permission to bug Ravi’s house, and the mission is named “Operation Brutus.” KM and her team are surveilling Ravi and his family and his office too. Next, we see that Ravi is going to transfer all the details related to the Kabul mission, and his mother is also a partner in the crime. The story again jumps to a flashback where we get to see that Heena and KM were spying on Mirza. In the next frame, we see that Heena tries to kiss KM, but she refuses. Later on, we get to see that KM is a lesbian.

Khufiya Movie Review
Khufiya Movie Netflix

Later on, we see that KM and her team fail to get any direct evidence. Later on, Ravi’s wife falls on the stairs, and KM helps her get to the hospital. Later on, we see that Ravi gets to know that there are cameras inside his house, and he also kills two of the surveillance members. Ravi immediately returns home and asks his wife, Charu, to pack things. Charu immediately realizes that Ravi is betraying the nation, and Charu refuses to go along with them. Ravi tries to convince Charu, but she refuses, and then Ravi’s mother shoots bullets at Charu.

The story now jumps to 6 months later, and here we see that Charu survived that day. Charu saw old photographs of Ravi along with KM, and then she realizes that she knows her. Charu remembers that KM helped her on the day of the accident, and she goes and asks for help from KM. KM helps Charu go to the USA to find Ravi and his mother. Charu manages to find Ravi’s mother, and then she manages to enter Ravi’s house. Ravi informs the CIA about Charu, and then the CIA interrogates Charu, but Charu was all prepared by KM, and within a few months, Charu gets a clean chit.

Now, KM plans to catch Ravi, and then with the help of Charu, KM enters Ravi’s house, and there she asks Ravi to help her in getting Mirza. She also promises that she will take Ravi and his family back to India. After lots of thought, finally, Ravi and his mother agree to help KM. Ravi and a CIA agent invite Mirza for dinner, and during dinner, they plan to make Mirza unconscious by mixing a liquid in the food. However, Mirza feels that something fishy is going on and puts a knife to Ravi’s mother’s neck. When Ravi’s mother tries to escape, Mirza cuts her throat. Ravi then hits Mirza against the wall, and Mirza is now unconscious.

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A CIA agent makes a deal with KM that they will show this as an accident, and he also helps Ravi and Charu to leave the USA due to diplomatic issues. The film ends with a happy ending as we see that Ravi is going back home in a container, and Charu is going back home with KM.

Mirza is dead, and Mission Octopus ends here, as does the movie.



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