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How Dolores Roach Turned Into A Serial Killer? Explained !

How Dolores Roach became a serial killer? Prime Video presents ” The Horror of Dolores Roach” which is currently streaming now in Amazon Prime Video with English and Hindi audio along with subtitles.

Before discussing this topic let’s have a quick recap of the story of this series. This series is about Dolores Roach, who was framed by her boyfriend and went to 16 years imprisonment. After returning to Washington Heights she found the city completely changed, but she met with her old friend Luis and Started killing people and using human flesh in empanadas and feeding people.

Dolores has a beautiful life, she used to sell drugs along with her husband but things are apart after a police raid. Dolores got caught and went to jail for sixteen years. In jail, she learned massage & how to kill a person quickly from her mate Tabitha. After coming out from there she opened a spa Luis Restaurant. When she was slowly making her place in society the house owner Gideon came to her for a massage.

Gideon socially discriminates against her during a massage, which makes Dolores angry. She pressed his neck by her hand and that’s how she first time killed a person. After that, Marcie, Hector, Ruthie, Joy & Jonah also died in her hand. This is the way she killed people after people in the name of giving them a massage.

It’s not like that, Dolores enjoying to kill a person, she kills someone only after feeling humiliated & protecting herself too. Hope that your quarries are cleared, if not then you can ask in the comment section.



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