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“Burn The House Down” Episode 5: Recap, summary and Explained

Osamu betrayed her daughter or he falls into the trap? Now what will happen with Yuzu as Makiko caught her? Let’s know about This in an episode-wise recap of episode 5.

“Burn The House Down” Episode 5: Makiko along with her husband joined with Yuzu. She also knows about the illness of her mother. She asked Anzu is into this or not. Tong Yuzu confessed that Her sister Anzu is trying to find out the matter who is behind the fire. Makiko said she can help her financially but requested her not to follow.

Kiichi also wants to know who started the fire so he is along with Anzu to find out the real culprit. Anzu handed over the laptop to Claire to find out more.

After that talking with Yuzu, Osamu wants to know about what actually happened that day . Ichihara-san finds out a hospital in Higashi Kitami where Satsuki is admitted now being treated for Amnesia. And also she is looking for Anzu. Now, it’s clear that Ichihara-san is behind to track Osamu. She also provoked her son Shinji that Yuzu trying to make her the culprit. After knowing this Shinji became speechless, Makiko also tell him not to meet with her again. Luckily Kiichi heard everything and informed Anzu.

Yuzu said to Anzu that she told them about the cardigan & camera and everything to Makiko. and Makiko Destroyed all evidence. Anzu now wants to meet with her father as she knows without a cardigan it’s hard to prove Makiko guilty. The next day she met her father Osamu who failed to recognize her daughter. She knows her father must be hiding something and is afraid to say it.

He speaks about the past when Satsuki wants for an offline meet-up when Osamu’s sister Mutsumi came to meet with them, he wants to stop her but Satsuki not heard him so he slapped her. After that day the fire sets on the House. That’s why Osamu thinks it’s Satsuki behind this. But Osamu didn’t submit that CCTV footage as he thinks about his reputation. He thought Satsuki wasn’t mentally well. When they are talking Ichihara-san reached there and she recognized Anzu.

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Ichihara-san finds out all the chips planted in Osamu’s office which is planted by Mutsumi. She greeted Anzu and said how her mother Satsuki helped her all the time when she was very new in that job. On December 21st thirteen years ago, she was with Satsuki during the fire set up. She knows Satsuki isn’t behind that fire. Satsuki also said Ichihara-san why her meeting was important, she wants to improve her speaking skills to protect Osamu so that he can deal with his sister. She also wants to make Osamu a strong person. but how selfishly everybody blamed her for that fire. So Ichihara-san is the same woman we saw at the first scenes of episode 1. And now she Also promised to save Anzu.

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Burn The House Down

The next day after the photoshoot Makiko got a new Photoshoot with cooking. Here we see She appointed Anzu as her manager. Ichihara-san also taking care of Anzu. Makiko later went to the family meet-up. They aren’t impressed as Makiko is socially active but Makiko is an expert on talking and said whatever is she doing is to save the hospital.

Shinji isn’t happy with his mother’s instructions. Yuzu also loved Shinji and was unable to forget him. Later in the night, Makiko is began to scold his son Shinji for studying more. But finally, Shinji speaks about his mom and said from now he will his own decision and not gonna trust her. Later we see she bugged a secret tracker in Shinji’s coat.

On the other side, Yuzu finds out that Mujina-san was actually able to get close to Makiko. She organized a fan meet-up on the day of the fire and left the meeting with Makiko. So, now if they found Mujina-san they can find where Makiko went that day. Yuzu remember the day December 21st, she has a cold when she woke up and found someone in her mother’s house.

At last, we see Claire find ma a file of Makiko, where all secrets are mentioned. What are those? On the other side, Shinji’s coat tracker leads Makiko to know where her son is now, and he is with Yuzu. Now this is more interesting let’s head towards to next.

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