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Henry And Sam Origin Story: The Last Of Us Episode 5 Explained

Henry And Sam Origin Story: HBO’s The Last Of Us has come up a little before then it should, with an Episode premiere on Friday night, two days before the scheduled premiere on Sunday Night. The Episode is titled “Endure And Survive” and it starts from the moment Episode 4 left when Joel and Ellie were interrupted by Henry And Sam at gunpoint.

If you’re interested in what’s Henry and Sam’s origin story, you’re at the right place.

Henry And Sam’s Origin Story Explained

Henry is the older brother to Sam and he was born 5 years before the virus outbreak. Henry has always been Sam’s protector and he can go to any lengths to do it. They were living in Kansas City when FEDRA used to control the city and whatever supplies the people got. This was the time when The Resistance was an underground movement in Kansas City and things were heating up slowly. It was being led by Michael, a born leader who is great, forgiving, and never selfish.

One day, Sam gets extremely sick and turns out that it’s Leukaemia, and the only drug that can work is not available in abundance but is being handled by FEDRA. Henry asks for that drug but he needs to give something of that much importance and well, Henry ends up giving them information about Michael. FEDRA captures Michael and then kills him.

After The Resistance takes control of Kansas City under the leadership of Kathleen, Michael’s brother, she makes it her first priority to kill Henry but then Henry goes into hiding knowing that he’s the most wanted man in the city.

During an attempt to get out of the city, he sees Joel who kills several men. Henry meets Joel and Ellie again at night time where he pitches his plan to him and he agrees to help him and get out of the city. The plan goes smoothly until an informer of The Resistance informs Kathleen about the 4 of them and Kathleen arrives there with the party until the infected join the party as well.

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While the four are successful in their attempt to get out of the city, Kathleen dies and Sam gets infected. In the morning, Sam attacks Ellie, and Henry, in shock shoots Sam and kills him. After realizing what he had done, he ends up shooting himself in the head.



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