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Does Henry Die In The Last Of Us? The Last Of Episode 5 Explained

Does Henry Die In The Last Of Us?: HBO’s The Last Of Us has come up a little before then it should, with an Episode premiere on Friday night, two days before the scheduled premiere on Sunday Night. The Episode is titled “Endure And Survive” and it starts from the moment Episode 4 left when Joel and Ellie were interrupted by Henry And Sam at gunpoint.

If you’re interested in what happens to Henry and Sam in the Episode, you’re at the right place.

What Happens To Henry & Sam In The Episode? Does Henry Die?

After Ellie and Joel are woken up at gunpoint in the building, Henry trusts both of them and lowers his gun to discuss what he wants and how he can be of help to them. What he wanted is to get out of Kansas City and he has a plan but he needed someone who can handle things if they go bad meaning killing people and he’d seen Joel shooting before. Joel agrees to do his plan of going into the tunnels and coming out of the other side close to the bridge and after crossing that embankment would get them out of the city.

However, during their escape, they come outside the tunnel to the residential area where The Resistance is after both Henry and Joel come there starts a fight until the infected arrive, and it starts to get bloody.

The four of them somehow get out of there and find themselves on the safe side but Sam gets bitten on the leg and he shows it to Ellie during the night. Ellie thinks of her blood as medicine so she cuts herself and rubs it on his leg but that doesn’t do anything and, in the morning, Sam attacks her.

ExplainedHenry And Sam Origin Story: The Last Of Us Episode 5 Explained

While Joel tries to grab a gun, Henry grabs it first and aims at Joel as if he was going to kill Sam but then he shoots Sam killing him and after realizing what he had done, he ends up shooting himself.

Ellie and Joel dig graves for the both of them and resume their journey to Wyoming.



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