“Murder Mubarak” Ending Explained: Murder Mubarak is a Netflix original film which released today on the Platform. The film stars Sara Ali Khan, Pankaj Tripathi and Vijay Varma in the main lead roles. The film is around 2 hours and 20 Minutes long and here goes the summary and ending explanation of the film.

The film starts with the Introduction of the characters. We get to see a full house of the rich and elite class and an election Party going on at a Club in Delhi. on the other side, we get introduced to ACP Bhawani who gets a phone call from his seniors about the Murder in that Club and he reaches on the spot.  Upon checking the CCTV footage of the Gym, the Officer gets to know that LEO was murdered and there is someone in the club who is behind the murder. ACP starts asking every who first saw the body of LEO

Very soon we get to see that Bambi (Played by Sara Ali Khan) and Kashi (Played by Vijay Varma) used to love each other but Bambi got engaged with someone else and Kashi was broke after that. The story now jumps to the present where we get to see ACP Bhawani take some things from the LEO’s house as evidence. There was also a masked woman who was following ACP.

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Upon digging further into the case, ACP gets to know that LEO has a relationship with multiple women and he was blackmailing all of them. The shocking part is that LEO was asking them to donate the ransom money to an NGO.

Postmortem reports suggest that someone had mixed a drug called Pinko in the Protein Bottle of LEO and that was the reason behind his muscle failure and then death. On the other hand, Bambi and Dogra get to know that Yash is still on drugs and they also find a connection between Yash and a drug dealer. We also get to see that Hukum (Played by Sanjay Kapoor) is Gay and LEO has some photographs of him.

Now, LEO has something private for everyone and that’s the reason why everyone has a motive to Kill him. During the investigation, The Gardener of the Club shoots himself and the case becomes more and more tricky for ACP Bhawani Now. All of a sudden, Bhawani remembers that the Gardener used to over-irrigate the Beetroot plants in the Garden and Bhawani ordered to dig the Garden area of that club. Upon digging deep Police found a human male skeleton.

The Ending

Upon DNA Match it was confirmed that It was the dead body of Bambi’s Husband who died 4 years back. (Bambi claimed that her husband died 4 Years back in A Bus accident). Bhawani reveals here that Bambi Killed her husband because she was angry with her husband for having an extramarital relationship with the maid. Bambi then dumps the body of her husband in the Garden with the help of the Gardener. LEO gets to know about this murder through Gardener and LEO starts blackmailing her.

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To get rid of blackmailing and all, Bambi Kills ‘LEO’ too by Mixing a drug in his protein shake. The Garden shoots himself after provocation from Bambi. The film ends with Bambi ending up in Jail and Kashi fighting her case. ACP Advises Kashi to stop helping Bambi but as he is in love with Bambi he keeps helping her in fighting the case and the film ends here.

This was all about the “Murder Mubarak” Ending Explained, what are your thoughts about the film? Please let us know in the comments.



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