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Ellie’s Lost Childhood: A Gun And A Book Of Jokes In The Last Of Us Episode 4

The Last Of Us, HBO Original Series has been creating ripples in the World Of Television as the Episodes continue to give us more than we can imagine, from great VFX to a storyline that is full of emotions.

Episode 3 gave us the story of Bill and Frank that turned a lot of us into sob fests and Episode 4 shows us the aftermath of this POST-Dystopian World where everyone is for themselves and how that affects the children, focusing on Ellie as she’s our MC.

Episode 4 starts with Ellie trying to make sense of the gun and trying to hold it. As she navigates her way in front of a mirror as holds a gun, she removes the magazine and then the bullet in transit, she tries to pull the trigger and after she does, she goes back to Joel. Ellie, as we know was sent to FEDRA school after being born where she hasn’t had much to learn other than survival skills.

Now, Ellie is not someone who has good interpersonal skills and she’s never had a father figure in her life. With a life that she’s led by being tested most of the time for the virus, her childhood isn’t something that she had the luxury to have and that is what’s sad that children are forced to grow up into adults during these times when if you do not, you die, as simple as that.

There are some notable scenarios in the Episode where Ellie seemed like she hasn’t had a childhood, from her finding a gay magazine in the back of a car and looking inside it while Joel knows what she’s doing, to her keeping a knife and a bullet in her backpack which does come handy but at what cost.

Joel, for a reason, wasn’t giving her a gun when she previously asked because he knows that this is something that you do not recover from and it stays with you forever and he doesn’t want to let Ellie have that experience. Ellie symbolizes a lost childhood in this Episode and the forceful nature to grow up which is sad to see.



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