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Henry And Sam The Last Of Us: The Last Of Us, HBO Original Series has been creating ripples in the World Of Television as the Episodes continue to give us more than we can imagine, from great VFX to a storyline that is full of emotions.

As we’ve heard in the interviews of the writers of the show, they have adapted the game but then that’s diverted into something more with some added new characters and new storylines and one of them is Kathleen played by Melanie Lynskey who is after Henry which is not part of the game.

If you’re interested in her and why she wants to find Henry, you’re at the right place.

Why Is Kathleen Hunting Them?

In the game, Henry and Sam are two brothers Henry was born 5 years before the worldwide infection started out and Sam is his brother who is 12 years younger than him. Henry is hell-bent on protecting Sam and can do anything to save his brother.

The two brothers are from Hartford, Connecticut, and started to move when the military abandoned the post there in search of food to Pittsburgh where they were met with raiders who called themselves Hunters. They got attacked there and went into hiding in one of the buildings until they found Joel and Ellie and the four of them worked together in getting out of that place.

However, in the show, Henry and Sam are being hunted by Kathleen in Kansas City where Joel and Ellie come but are attacked so they are seeking refuge in a 45-floor building.

Henry has given information to FEDRA about Kathleen’s brother who was beaten to death in a FEDRA Prison and she knows that Henry was responsible for that information leaking out so she wants to take revenge on him and that’s why she’s after him.

Now, Henry and Sam have been hiding in an attic of a building which Kathleen ends up finding and they are on the run now which gets them to find Joel and Ellie in the building where they were sleeping.

RecapThe Last Of Us Episode 3 Recap

The storyline of Henry and Sam deviates from the ones that were shown in the game, however, the four of them work together in the game, and whether they will or will not, will be revealed in the next Episode.



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