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Evanesce App In You Season 4 : Is The Evacesce App Real ?

Evanesce App:: YOU Season 4 has been released on Netflix recently. Season 4 has been divided into two parts and while the first one has been released recently, the second part will release in March. Now, what’s interesting in YOU Season 4 Part 1 is how Joe is back and while trying to do something good for himself has officially landed himself into the worst damaged bunch of people, which is kind of “HIS CROWD!”.

Joe is being stalked by someone throughout the season who not only killed Malcolm but also pinned it on Joe how Joe handles that followed by trying to find more about Joe’s past, Joe finds himself obsessing over who is that secret person.

It’s also interesting how the two communicate or we should say, how the killer communicates with Joe because that is through an anonymized messaging app called Evanesce. If you’re interested in whether it’s a real app or not, you’re at the right place.

Is Evanesce a Real App or Not?? You Season 4

Long story short, nope it’s not a real app. It has been created just for the purpose of the series. However, the app does have similarities with a lot of messaging apps out there (and probably more coming), Evanesce allows one-way communication with the messages deleting after the user reads them, allowing the user to read the text just once.

Recap: You Season 4 Episode 1: Recap, Summary & Ending Explained

Joe is being communicated by the killer through an app he does not know or recollect how it got on his phone.



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