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Gen V Episode 6 Release Date, Time – Preview

Gen V Episode 5 has been released which was a banger where we find some shocking truths. In Gen V Episode 5, we find out that Cate was with Dean Shetty and erased some of the events from other people’s minds. Marie, Andre, Emma, and Jordan thought that it was someone else who erased their mind but it was their friend Cate.

Cate has the power of mind control, he can erase and add new memories in your mind by just touching you by her hand. Cate even manipulated Luke, to forget about his Brother Sam. But eventually, he remembers about his brother being alive in The Woods after the Pub incident.

So what’s going to happen next in Gen V Episode 6?

When Does Gen V Air? Gen V Episode 6 Release Date. A lot of things are going to happen in Gen V Episode 6 as Soldier Boy will be in it, and it’s confirmed by the makers.

When does Gen V Episode 6 Air?

Gen V Episode 6 is going to be aired on October 20, 5:30 AM IST and on October 19, 5 PM PST in the USA.



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