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Why Does Dr. Cardoso Need Marie Moreau? | Explained

Why Does Dr. Cardosa Need Marie Moreau?: Marie Moreau is a character who has powers that can even defeat Homelander. She doesn’t know how to use those powers, but if she becomes successful in controlling it, she will be a dangerous slope for Vought.

That’s why Doctor Cardosa tells Dean Shetty he needs Marie because of her incredible powers.

What’s The Power of Marie Moreau?

Marie was 12 years old when she found out about her powers, she eventually killed her parents. Marie has the power of blood manipulation, she can heal and also used to kill someone. She didn’t know that she could save someone with her powers as the death of her parents gave her lifetime trauma. Marie has to harm himself in order to use her blood manipulation powers as she isn’t very skilled in it.

In Episode 1 Marie goes to a Club with Luke and his friends where Andre accidentally cut a lady’s neck. Marie uses her powers to stop that lady from dying and she was successful in it. After the death of Luke, Marie got a lot of Credit for his death, but it was Vought’s made-up stories to cover The Woods. It was Dean Shetty who referred Marie to get the Credit, it clearly shows that Dean was very much interested in Marie. Dean Shetty then tries to manipulate Marie by showing fake sympathy, but she was only using her for donations.

Why Does Dr. Cardosa Need Marie Moreau?

In Episode 5, Dr. Cardosa tells Shetty that he is very close to creating the virus that can be used to control supe’s for good. Vought is trying to control violent supe who can be dangerous for the World, people like Sam, who has mental illness and other people we see at the facility in Season 2.

In Season 2 of The Boys we see Vought keeping Supe’s who they can’t control, compared to other supe. This violent supe can be very dangerous for the World. They even have a lock system in God U, so violent supe can’t escape.

Vought wanted to find a solution for it, so they started the Woods where they experimented with Violent Supe, and even with students such as Sam. Dr. Cardosa experimented on Sam, that’s why Sam wanted to kill Cardosa in episode 4. He wanted to kill Cardosa, so they stopped experimenting on people. The reason why Cardosa needs Marie is because of her abilities.

Marie has the abilities of blood manipulation and she can do things that you can’t think of. Cardosa thinks by using the powers of Marie they can spread the virus very fast. It will help them control violent supe, it will not be controlling powers rather a virus which might erase violent thoughts from supe. This way they can kind of stop the violent supe.



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