Soldier Boy in Gen V?  Is He Coming?: Soldier Boy played by Jensen Ackles became a fan favourite character for The Boys fans after the release of The Boys Season 2. If you are also a Soldier Boy fan then I have good news for you as you are going to see Soldier Boy very soon than you expected. You don’t have to wait for The Boys Season 4 as you will see him very soon.

Did Soldier Boy Die in The Boys?

Soldier Boy was first introduced in The Boys season 3. Where we see Soldier Boy was part of a superhero team called Payback before the Super 7 was even created. Soldier Boy was narcissistic and brutal, he even beats Black Noir to death. His whole team feared him, and Vought made a plan to give Soldier Boy to Russia as they found a replacement.

The replacement was Homelander. Russia experimented on Soldier Boy and tortured him. Butcher and his team got a lead of a supe who can defeat Homelander, so they went to russia. They free Soldier Boy, but can’t catch him. Soldier Boy also had the power to erase any supe’s powers.

Soldier Boy wants revenge on his team as they betrayed him, Butcher lays him his hand in exchange for killing Homelander. Soldier Boy accepted it. Soldier Boy soon finds that Homelander is actually his own son. It didn’t stop him as he didn’t care about him. Soldier Boy tries to kill Homelander and his son Ryan. Butcher asks the soldier boy to stop as he can hurt Ryan.

He tell Butcher to be ashamed as he is taking care of Homelander’s son and starts beating everyone. Eventually, Butcher and Homelander stopped him. But, Soldier Boy isn’t dead, he is alive and he is now in Cryosleep. I don’t think Vought will kill Soldier Boy who has the power to erase superpowers.

Soldier Boy Is in Gen V?

Gen V, a Spin-Off series based on the world of The Boys, has been released. Gen V became popular as The Boys, because of its unpredictable storytelling and extreme violence. Gen V’s official Twitter handle tweeted that we will see a fan favorite Boys character in Gen V Episode Six. It’s none other than Soldier Boy. Yes, Soldier Boy is in Gen V and he is going to be in the next episode of Gen V.

I have a lot of questions on how Soldier Boy starts working for Vought as I don’t think he will take orders. But it will be interesting to see him in the next episode of Gen V this weekend.


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