Flex x Cop Episode 8 Recap: Disney presents an action entertainer show called Flex x Cop. This crime investigation series deals with the cases of crime investigation unit 1 where the main character was appointed as a detective due to an unexpected incident. The rich young man turned detective kept going with his career as a cop is the main plot of the show.

The eighth episode opens with the interrogation of the assassin caught by Isoo. Kang Hyun and Joon Young started asking questions about Sang-gu’s death. The assassin explained that he came there to rob the apartment. He is a contract killer who works for wealthy people. He didn’t answer for any questions from Kang Hyun and Joon Young. A sudden VIP call appears on the assassin’s phone, he seems worried about the VIP call while Kang Hyun and Joon Young look.

Flex x Cop Episode 8 Summary

For a while no one attended the call, suddenly Isoo rushed into the interrogation room and took the call. Isoo attended the call and replied yes in response. The VIP orders him to come to the usual place where they always meet up. Isoo took the outfit of the assassin and went to the meeting place.

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They saw a car parked at the spot and checked it, a couple were kissing inside the car and Isoo mistook the car. Later, another car appears at the spot, when Isoo looked it, it was the mayor candidate who ordered the assassin to bring the USB. Isoo took him to the police station and interrogated him, he confessed that he hired an assassin for USB.

The next day, Isoo went to his mother’s funeral home to pray for some time. His father came behind him to pray at the funeral. Isoo got an idea about finding a USB. He and Kang Hyun searched Sang-gu’s family funeral home and found the USB.

The cops checked the USB files and a weird video of mayor candidate. Isoo called his ex-girlfriend and asked about the treatment she got at the hospital. Dr.Seo later called Isoo’s father and told him that, Isoo showing symptoms of recovering his past memories during his mother’s death. Later, Kang Hyun reached her house and asked her father about the death of Isoo’s mother. Isoo remembers only that she died in a car accident, but actually she suicide on a bathtub after taking sleeping pills.

Isoo found out that Dr. Seo was the real culprit of these two deaths. She did hypnosis therapy for most of her VIP patients. To prove that she uses hypnotism on patients, Isoo makes an appointment for detective Joon Young. He changed his looks into a rich man and went to meet Dr.Seo. She did hypnosis on him and it worked well.

Later, Isoo met a professor, who trained Seo on her early days. He talked about the probability of Dr.Seo killing patients with hypnotism. Later, Isoo met with Dr.Seo to talk in private, there she got hypnotized by her professor. She woke up at the interrogation room at the police station. She started confessing about how she killed both of them.

Sang-gu blackmailed the patients of Dr Seo with their private videos, but Dr Seo offered him money for the USB. She took her surgical knife which was awarded by her chief and went to his apartment. She killed him with that knife and then hypnotized Seonu to die alone without drinking any water. After some time she came back to normal mode from hypnosis, and she realised that she confessed everything to the police.

Isoo took the evidence from her hospital and put her in jail. At the end of the eighth episode, Seo calls Isoo into the prison and talks about his weird memories, she was the one who planted those memories in his head.

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Overall the eighth episode was brilliant all the way. The show got more interesting and engaging on each episode. Isoo character has more depth than before, he shines at peak. Can’t wait to see the next episodes.



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