Wonderful World K Drama Episode 2: Disney presents a fourteen-episodic revenge thriller Korean drama. Eun Soo-Hyun was living a very calm and peaceful life, all of a sudden her son died in a car accident. That incident broke her life balance and she takes revenge on the killer of her son. What happens after that is the story of the Korean drama “Wonderful World”.

Episode 2 opens in a court where Eun Soo-Hyun is arrested for the killing of the guy who killed her son. The advocate tells the court that she was not on a good mental state at that time and she accepts she made a mistake here. As the judge asks Eun Soo-Hyun if she has anything to say, she stands up and tells the court that even if she gets a chance to go back in time she will do the same again. The court ordered 7 years in prison for Eun Soo-Hyun.

The media and people talk rudely about her for killing. Eun Soo-Hyun’s husband promises her that he will try to release her from jail. While Kang Soo-Ho doing his news reading job in the studio, the team gives the news of Eun Soo-Hyun’s killing for Kang Soo-Ho to read on TV. He starts to tell the news but later he tells his own words for the sake of her. He lost his job from there.

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Eun Soo-Hyun gets transferred to the jail. She gets letters from many fans for their support, Kang Soo-Ho tries to see her in jail but Eun Soo-Hyun refuses to. Kang Soo-Ho tries to collect evidence on the killer driver and finds out the alcohol level was tampered with in the evidence. He gets the CCTV footage from the bar the guy was in that night. Kang Soo-Ho arranges the CCTV visuals and sees Kim Joon in the video.

Cut to Eun Soo-Hyun at the jail doing daily jobs there. While doing stitching clothes work, she starts to think about her child and suddenly she starts crying. While crying she forgets her hand is under the machine and continues doing the work. Eun Soo-Hyun’s hand gets injured and blood spits on her, other prisoners see it and call the police. They transferred her to the hospital, but even at that time she was in a dream of her kid and also she remembers their gate was locked after she entered their home before her kid was lost.

Eun Soo-Hyun is at the hospital now after the surgery. Eun Soo-Hyun’s mother comes and meets her. Her mother tells her why she is killing herself. Eun Soo-Hyun tells her mother the gate was closed after she entered the house. Kang Soo-Ho analyses the killer’s background and relation with Kim Joon. Kim Joon calls for Kang Soo-Ho and they meet at Kim Joon’s office.

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Kang Soo-Ho tells Kim Joon helped the guy to win the case by Kim Joon’s hands-on judge and tampering evidence by the help of the police. Kang Soo-Ho says all of these guys have only one connection that is Kim Joon. Kang Soo-Ho asks if the killing of his son is because of the Buyeongdong corruption he tried to expose. Kang Soo-Ho tells him that he will expose everything to him. But Kim Joon warns Kang Soo-Ho that he will tell Eun Soo-Hyun about what happened that day.

Eun Soo-Hyun gets used to the prison life. She gets an old lay to help her inside the prison. Kang Soo-Ho’s mother comes to visit Eun Soo-Hyun’s mother at their shop. Kang Soo-Ho’s mother tells them that he won’t be here and he is going to the States as a correspondent. Eun Soo-Hyun’s mother and sister visits her at the prison and tells her about Kang Soo-Ho going back to ABS. Kang Soo-Ho meets Eun Soo-Hyun at the prison. Eun Soo-Hyun tells him to not come again to see her and start live his life. Kang Soo-Ho tried to convince her that he won’t leave her but she was thorough.

He goes to the States for a job. Years passed, and Eun Soo-Hyun got used to prison life. The old day who is with Eun Soo-Hyun tells her story about killing her husband and the lady he had an affair with by burning the house with them in it. But unfortunately, the fire went high and killed the neighbour’s family too. But the child was saved in that incident leaving his dad and mother dead.

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3years passed, and we see Kim Joon is now a presidential candidate for the election. Kim Joon plans to take down other candidates with gossip and other things that can lower their vote counts. Kim Joon uses Kwon Sun-Yool to steal evidence and information from one of the candidate’s schools. Eun Soo-Hyun got out of the prison, nobody came to see her outside, even her husband didn’t come.

The episode ends with Eun Soo-Hyun going to see her son’s graveyard. She cried there. Kwon Sun-Yool also came there to see his parent’s graveyard. At that time it starts raining and Kwon Sun-Yool gives an umbrella to Eun Soo-Hyun saying she won’t like to her in the rain.

Overall the episode was interesting. Many things happened in this episode. The plot fully shifted from the one that was shown in the first episode. More characters came to the scene now. Many changes happened, and now the series on thrilling plot after this episode.



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