Phillipe Saint Andre In ‘Monsieur Spade’: AMC released ‘Monsieur Spade’ a mini crime thriller series in six episodes by the creator who is well known for his series “The Queen’s Gambit”. The show tells the story of a veteran detective Samuel Spades who is a famous character from Dashiell Hammett’s 1930 novel The Maltese Falcon.

Samuel goes to deliver his late friend’s daughter to her father in Bezouls, but her father is a bad guy and some unexpected events happen in that place which makes Samuel get involved in those matters. Phillipe Saint Andre’s character is played by Belgian actor and director Jonathan Zaccai. He is well known for his work in Robin Hood (2010), Private Lessons (2008) and The Bureau (2015).

He played the villain role in this series. For Phillipe a deadly villain look is necessary and Jonathan Zaccai was the best choice. He lived as Phillipe Saint Andre. There won’t be any dull moments of him in the series.

He maintained that terror looks on his face. His attitude was the best thing in the series, even if anyone points a gun at him he won’t shake. That attitude is came from Jonathan Zaccai’s best acting skills. He did a very exceptional job portraying the cold-hearted Phillipe who does anything or go to any extent to do what he needs.

Phillipe was an antique thief, he used to steal high-value antiques with his wife as a partner. But his wife went to jail for her crimes. When his wife was in jail she put all the money got through the theft in her daughter’s trust funds. Which made Phillipe angry and he tried his ways to mingle with his daughter to get the trust funds when she got major. Phillipe worked for French intelligence, but later he went rogue. Phillipe used to blackmail everyone for money.

Gabrielle used to tie up with Samuel for help to protect her from Phillipe. Phillipe was a very cruel and brutal guy, he only cared about money. Even when Samuel offered him money to leave Bezouls, Phillipe didn’t accept it as the money he needed was huge. Phillipe stole Zayid to sell him to the highest bidder.

Phillipe was assigned the task to protect the kid but he tried to sell the kid for money. Jean Pierre gave the kid to Phillipe for exchange for leaving his wife from blackmail but after getting the kid when Jean got to know that Phillipe is going to sell the kid he came in the middle to stop it and see the kid.

But Phillipe killed Jean Pierre. Even though Jean trusted him Phillipe betrayed him. The same goes for Gabrielle’s husband, Phillipe was also behind his death. Phillipe used Gazala to sell the kid, he also involved her sister in this and she got killed by the Monk. Phillipe was always mean and cruel in this series.

That’s all about the character of Phillipe Saint-Andre. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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