Filim Ott App Telugu: As we all know that since lockdown was initiated in India there has been a sudden boom in the consumption of OTT content. With platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime people are able to watch content from all over the world. Seeing the sudden increase in the subscription of these platforms or the trend of these platforms has given idea other makers who are trying something too in the field of OTT but for a specific market.

We have seen that in the past year or in the past 6 months there have been new OTT platforms that are specifically focusing on creating and showcasing content which is of a single language. For example, Hoichoi is for the Bengali language has it’s a library filled with it. In Telugu, the Kingpin is Aha Video, and recently from the Malayalam industry the app ‘Koode’ focusing on Malayali content. Seeing this trend a competition was bound to arise and the competition has come in the form of FILIM which is going to be a Telugu Language exclusive OTT app.

Yes, Aha Video who has enjoyed a successful and undisturbed run till now but it seems like they are going to have stiff competition from FILIM. And the major reason for saying this is that FILIM’s subscription rates are going to be much less and affordable than Aha. Plus they have a good library of Telugu movies in their platform.

FILIM might strike a chord with the mass audience due to this. The OTT platform is looking for a big launch in the month of October just before the Dussehra festival. To gain the attention of movies, FILIM is going to screen Vijay Sethupathi’s Pizza firstly on their Platform.

The more details about the app would be available in October 2020 after its release, we would write a separate post about it, for more posts and updates like this on web and digital release stay tuned with us.


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