Unkahee Review Eros Now: Eros Now is currently enjoying the success of their recently released original film Halaal. With the new tasted success, Eros Now is already on the way to revamp themselves and it might not come as a shock if they start bringing out several content in the coming months.

As for Now, Eros Now released a brand new mystery thriller movie named Unkahee. The movie has been directed by Anushree Mehta. Here I am going to review the movie, I would talk about the parent’s guide, performances, and other details of the movie.

What Is It About?

The movie is a suspense thriller with a whodunnit twist to it. The movie follows 6 suspects who have been captured by the Police secretly for the alleged serial killings. The police is sure that the killings of 11 girls in the past 12 months have been done by one of the six suspects and hence this is their chance to catch them. Upon asking everyone denies their involvement. But the police gives them 12 hours to figure it out themselves that who is the murderer between them. Naturally, all of them deny being involved but slowly due to panic starts to blame others. With time running out, will they be able to point out the criminal?

The movie stars Hiten Tejwani, Anupriya Goenka, Sehban Azim, Ashwin Mushran, Ayushmann Saxena, Ashoke Pandit, and Pooja Sharma.


The movie is about 40 minutes long and filmed at a single location, there is no expression and only a few dialogues to judge the performances, I personally liked Sheban Azim Haryanvi accent, Hiten Tejwani and Anupriya Goenka are just up to the mark, the rest actors have only a few dialogues that were good.


I Am going with 1.5 out of 5 stars for the movie, I Don’t know why they thought of making a movie on this, the story is meaningless and dull, the climax of the movie sucks and it would spoil your mood, I was excited about some thrilling climax but at the end, it feels like ‘much ado about nothing’.

Don’t waste your precious 40 minutes in watching this, avoid the movie, still if you are a fan of Hiten Tejwani or Anupriya Goenka, You can check the movie on Eros Now, the movie is approx 40 minutes long and have few abusive dialogues, so avoid watching it with parents

Have you watched this movie? what is your opinion about this?, please let us know in the comment section, for more posts and updates like this, stay tuned with us.


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